【篇一】 I was born in a harmonic and cozy family。 My parents both work in a Furniture Company。 The cost of studying and living in Korea will be offered by my parents。 They both have stable income。 They are also in support of my exchange to Kore
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  I was born in a harmonic and cozy family。 My parents both work in a Furniture Company。 The cost of studying and living in Korea will be offered by my parents。 They both have stable income。 They are also in support of my exchange to Korea。 I really thank them a lot 。 They taught me how to be a good person when I was young。 They help me develop good habits and healthy, optimistic personalities。

  I had several outstanding achievements since childhood。 Additionally, with an outgoing personality, I am able to make friends easily。 Now,I am the Minister of Research Department in College Students#39; Union。

  As a student in Tourism Management, I know that communications between China and Korea have developed quickly since the two countries established a diplomatic relationship in 1992。 Especially in recent years, China and Korea #39;s

  cultural and economic exchanges are on an unPcedented growth。 So I have the idea of being an exchange student to Korea。 Moreover, the first-class faculties and teaching of Hanyang University really attract me。


  11 March 20xx

  Personal Statement

  My name is XXX, I was born on 19,Mar,1999 in xxx City of xxx Province—a beautiful seaside city。 I spent my wonderful childhood and boyhood there。

  In grade one of primary school, I was awarded to be the “Three Good Student” of the city, and was awarded the title of “Excellent Young Pioneer” of Qingdao City before graduation。 All of these are great honor for a pupil。 After finishing primary education, I accompanied my parents coming to the so called “Heaven of the World”—Hangzhou City。 My grandfather said I was so lucky that I lived and studied in the most two beautiful cities both in the north and south of China。 In fact, what made me more lucky was I studied in the best junior high school and senior high school in Hangzhou City and even in Zhejiang Province。

  I request myself ever and again self-consciously: what others can do, so can I, what others can’t do, I still must try my best to achieve。

  In study, I am serious, self-conscious; I can learn more in limit time, so many students think my efficiency is higher than them。 My result is considered satisfactory。 As I have strong ability of organizing and communicating, I have taken the post of secretary of school student union in junior high school, later, I was selected to be vice secretary of school league committee。 Under the nice atmosphere of junior high school and senior high school, I can exert my strong suit well。 I love computer, I have gained the first prize of “National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces” 。 Because of my operation ability of website and software and nice Pstige, I was successfully elected to be the minister of information network minister of school student union, being responsible for daily management and maintenance of school after class。

  Besides study, I also take part in sports actively, I am fond of tennis ball, having taken part in tennis ball match, and gained good result。 I always practice long-distance running, and obtained silver cup in school sports meeting。 I also like playing guitar and so on musical instrument。

  The appraisal that teachers and classmates placed on me is: lively, kind and smart, possessing certain ability of organizing, communicating。

  I hope after finished study in your school, I can successfully attend Oxbridge to study computer or other related major further。 I hope, today I am proud for school, tomorrow school is proud for me。 I apply your school just with this wish。 I believe you will never regret for the decision of accepting me。

  My father graduated from teachers college, he taught middle school, now he is establishing a website of baby and children education。 He says it will be the biggest website of early language education in China。 I benefit a lot from his tolerance, patience and the steadiness to work。 My mother graduated from foreign trade college。 She is engaging in import and export trade。 There are her clients in Africa and Europe, she is a excellent manager。 They provide sufficient fund for my middle school and future university education, I will be greatly apPciated them。

  Even though I didn’t took the exam of IELTS and TOEFL, I have been studying English from primary grade one in my spare time, I received the training of the College of International Education, Oxford, England, and was issued certificate of Completion of a General English Language and Cultural Programmed in Aug,2005。 In high school, we have one English oral class by foreign teacher every week, I can understand in general。 So the listening and spoken English are not very difficult for me。

  I sincerely hope to be one of your students。



  Dear Sir:

  The reason why I want to go Singapore is I like to learn some different culture and I can meet a lot people from all around the world, that way I can make more friends。 I like the weather in Singapore also。 I will go back to china, the reason is very simple, because I am a Chinese I will never forgot my country。 Be honestly, I will pick Tsinghua University, because to go to Tsinghua University is one of the biggest dreams in my life and Tsinghua University is the best University in my country。

  If I like literature, I probably will like comedies more, beacuse I am an optimism and I want to make reader happy when they ready my essay。 I want to be success in every single class in the university, when I graduate me want to be a business administration。

  I like to read the novel in my spare time。

  My goal is to graduate as soon as possible, and find a good job, a husband and make allot money。 I do have idol in my mind, she is my mother, she is very great woman and she will do every thing for me。

  I think high school entrance examination is very easy, but I know I still have allot think should learn。




  步入初中之后,父母对我的学业更加严格要求。由于成绩突出曾担任学习委员班长之职。 xxxxx年xx月考入xxxxxxx高级中学,在掌握知识的同时,从小就热爱体育运动的我喜欢上篮球运动,多次代表校方参加比赛荣获奖项。同时我还喜欢多种体育运动,并且喜欢国外音乐。就在这时我喜欢上了韩国歌曲。自此接触了少量的韩国语言。精通英语的同时让我掌握了一点点的韩国语!度过高中充实的3年后,xxxx年x月我以高出录取线百分的成绩考入xxxxx学院继续x年xxxx专业的学习。学习期间品学突出,荣幸被老师推荐学生会工作。结交了更多的朋友,扩充了交际领域,增加了我对生活的认识。更加珍惜我的大学生活!








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